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inbox repair tool
inbox repair tool
inbox repair tool
inbox repair tool
inbox repair tool
inbox repair tool

2GB Repair Outlook 2007

Has your mailbox exceeded 2GB of space?

Are you unable to access your emails?

Do you need software to overcome from oversized mailbox problem?

There is a limitation of size for .pst files in MS Outlook that the file size may not exceed the limit of 2GB of space. Outlook has no any built-in feature to reduce the size of a PST file that is exceeding the limit. This is a common problem of all those users who are using the 2002 version of MS Outlook. The versions launched after the 2002 version of the MS Outlook, provide a default PST size of about 20GB. But you may encounter the oversize issues if you were a user of the 2002 version and have upgraded your MS Outlook mail client as 2007 version. This is so because while upgrading your Outlook as the latest version, the PST doesn’t get upgraded and it remains as usual of the older ANSI format. The ANSI format cannot change to the new UNICODE format as in the new versions of Outlook. Therefore the problem remains constant.

To sort out your problems related to oversized mailbox, you can use the 2GB repair Outlook 2007. Irrespective of the file size, it can also be used to repair files of 4GB size or more.

Reasons Behind the Corruption of PST files:

The main reason is the increment of file size beyond the limit, whether it is 2GB or 4GB. Other causes include use of PST files over the network; corruption of PST files due to compact operation and shutting down of the system improperly before ending the Outlook application. Other than this, Trojan or malware attack is the common reason of corruption of files.

Way to rescue the oversized file limit?

Use the 2GB Repair Outlook 2007 application to repair and recover files corrupted or lost due to oversize problem. It has several algorithms to perform the search and scan function to the PST files. It helps in recovering the PST files which have been damaged due to exceeding the limit of file size. The tool works by scanning and reading the corrupt PST file and retrieves data from that and creates a fresh copy which contains all the recovered and repaired data.

The 4GB Repair Outlook 2007 software doesn’t truncate the files. Instead of that it creates the recovered entries again. This helps in solving the corruption issues and leaving the data intact.

Free download the 2GB Repair Outlook 2007 to repair your oversized outlook mailbox.

Outlook 2007 Repair

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