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Outlook 2007 PST Password

Are you unable to access your contacts and emails in outlook?

Is it so because you have forgotten the PST password?

Looking for any reliable tool to unlock the outlook PST Unlocker window?

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager. It is available as a separate application and as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. The current version of outlook is Microsoft Outlook 2010 for Windows. It includes features like, calendar, journal, web browsing, and task manager as well as contact manager. Outlook is only used as an e-mail application.

If you are an outlook user you might come across such circumstances, when you need to access your mails and contact information and you forgot or unable to recall your password in a hurry. In such a situation try using Outlook 2007 PST password recovery to unlock the PST format files and accesses your contacts and emails without any difficulty.

About Outlook 2007 PST Password Recovery (Features):

The Outlook 2007 PST password software has been developed for the restoration of the lost or forgotten passwords of the mail account. The software performs repairing for password-protected MS outlook PST files which is used by the MS outlook mail client to store user data such as, notes, tasks, messages, contacts, reminders, etc.

The Outlook 2007 PST Password recovery can also help in recovering and displaying the mail and service settings of the 2007 version of the Microsoft Outlook mail client. It is a GUI based application designed to make the recovery process faster in an easy way and simple steps. The application doesn’t recover the exact password instead of that it shows a list of passwords to unlock your PST file due to security reasons. It is also capable of restoring such passwords which are containing special characters or wild cards such as, ‘*’, ‘$’,’ #’, etc. The software doesn’t require any technical expertise to install and process.


Only designed for the 2002 to 2007 version of MS Outlook

It is mandatory to have the original PST file that you locked with a password and are unable to open or unlock that.

Download the Outlook 2007 PST password recovery to unlock your precious mails. You can check if your PST file password is restorable or not with the trial version of the software.

Outlook 2007 Repair

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