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inbox repair tool
inbox repair tool
inbox repair tool
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Oversized PST Outlook 2007

Is your system working slowly because of large files in your mailbox?

Have your mailbox reached or exceeded 2GB of space?

Do you want to fix your problem?

MS Outlook is such an application which is used by any person to keep a record of all the mails in their respective systems. If the number of mails being received is too high and they are large in size then it may result in the enlargement of file size. This results in the slowdown of the system, more considerable CPU and memory load which hampers the performance of the PC.

Factors, described above, can lead to data corruption, when the system is overloaded. A minor change can cause mailbox corruption when the system is busy in processing a huge file. In such cases one should take precautions. But if the mailbox has already oversized and the data got corrupted, then what would you do? You will certainly search for a tool which is capable to sort out your problem that is the PST Repair software.

Symptoms of an Oversized PST Outlook mailbox::

  • When the Outlook takes very long time to download the emails

  • If you get a number of blank emails without any content into them in return

  • The problem didnít get resolved even after archiving the PST file

  • Your Outlook application keeps crashing, at startup or while performing typical operations

  • When you try to uninstall and reinstall MS outlook, it gets uninstalled but you can not reinstall it

  • Your .NET files got damaged after uninstalling Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

Solution for the problem:

The solution to overcome all such problems is, the PST Repair. Therefore, if you are going to repair your mailbox in PST format the concerned software can give you better results. The software divides the oversized mailbox in smaller parts so that it can be easy to maintain and manage. Hence, results in freedom from the data loss problem.

Salient features of the application:

  • The PST Repair software repairs and recovers the oversized PST Outlook 2007mailbox

  • It has several in-built algorithms to retrieve mailbox data

  • It works under all the supported versions of MS Windows OS

  • Also works with all versions of MS Outlook email client ranging from 2002 to 2007

  • The application performs its functions in few minutes and in a very easy process

Download the PST Repair software now to get rid from the Oversized PST Outlook 2007 and repair the large PST files.

Outlook 2007 Repair

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