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Split PST File Outlook 2007

Does your system respond very slowly while accessing the Outlook PST file?

Are you facing difficulties due to oversize PST files?

How to fix problems of splitting PST outlook files?

The Outlook is very advanced application used to store both professional and personal data. Receiving & sending emails and text messages to a handheld gadget is also very significant feature of this application. Rather it is very useful but itís also encounter big problem of file corruption when the size of PST file exceeded too much. In the previous versions of MS outlook (i.e. before MS Outlook 2007) there was a size limitation to Outlook PST that was up to 2GB, but nowadays in the latest 2007 version you can make file up to 20 GB. Yet slow performance is a common problem experienced by users with gradual increase in file size. You have to split files but you cannot perform this task by dividing or compressing the PST file. You will need capable software i.e. Split PST file outlook 2007.

Even the limitation of storing data is excided but itís still not easy to store and perform better with carrying the load of huge amount of data. Some users try to split the file manually but in case of splitting files often they lose data or the splited files doesnít remain useful to them because of simply splitting a PST file is not as simple as any other file.

Reasons behind splitting files are:-

  • The outlook application performs very slowly while accessing.
  • It starts giving errors when size of PST files grows more than 2GB
  • MS outlook stumble upon several synchronization problems

Split PST file outlook 2007 is complete software that split large PST files systematically which is saved on any storage volume. Split PST file outlook 2007 can split PST outlook files with user specific data range.

The software comes following significant features:-

  • Perform Splitting of more than one PST file
  • Split PST files on the basis of Date, Time, Mail ID, Size, and Folder
  • Create batch files
  • Manage batch files
  • Save batch files
  • User defined batch file is created
  • Customized split alternatives are provided
  • Free to split files on different intervals

So, download the software to split your PST files very easily.

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